2009年から2年間、大学院で環境関連学を専攻するため、イギリスにやって来た私達の話 This blog is about us(U&I) coming to UK in 2009 for Environmental Study at master level for 2 years
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環境経済学の授業 The list of Modules for Environmental Economics

Studying at York has been getting serious so that I need to do my best especially in the new field such as Economics-based modules. At the same time, this field can give me new and quantitative insight so is pretty enjoyable. The following is the list of all the modules I am taking at EEEM (Environmental Economics and Environmental Management).

1. Environmental Economics (autumn)
This module shows how economic approaches, techniques, and methods can be applied to the analysis
of environmental problems. The module encourages students to draw on the extensive literature and
provides examples of recent empirical applications.
The following topics are covered:
• Introduction to environmental economics
• Sustainable Development from an environmental economics perspective
• Market operation and failure: externalities, property rights and public goods
• Correcting environmental market failures using regulation, taxes, and tradable permits
• Risk and uncertainty
• International environmental agreements (controlling ozone and climate change)
• Biodiversity and Payments for Ecosystem Services (PES)
• Environmental accounting

2. Environmental Valuation (spring)
The module will cover two main themes: (i) the conceptual and theoretical underpinnings for environmental valuation; and (ii) methods for valuing market and non-market consequences of changes in environmental quality.

3. Resource Economics and Management (spring)
This module aims to equip students with detailed insights into natural resource economics.

4. Applied Microeconomics (autumn)
This course is designed to provide an introduction to elements of microeconomic theory which are applicable to a range of decision-making and policy problems in public and private sectors. The course presents both analytical material and examples of the application of analysis to a range of policy and decision making issues.

5. Management Decision Analysis (autumn)
This module provides an introduction to management science, with focus on Linear Programming, Decision Analysis, and other related decision problems in real life. The emphasis throughout is on the principles of problem formulation, the choice of appropriate models, the identification of data needs, the algorithms of key models and the interpretation of results, rather than on mathematical proofs.

6. Project Management (autumn)

7. Tools for Environmental Assessment (autumn)
- the principles of different methodologies applied in environmental assessment;
- appropriate tools for addressing specific environmental problems and strengths and weaknesses of output from each approach;
- experience of a selection of techniques gained from practical sessions and case-study seminars.

8. Statistics and Quantitative Methods (autumn,spring)
The course aims to equip all students with an appreciation of the decisions and skills that are required for designing, executing and analysing environmental surveys. It also aims to build confidence and skills such that students are familiar with the common statistical methods employed in the environmental sciences and competent in the use of statistical software.

9. Environmental Law and Policy (spring)
This modules places environmental, economic and social issues important in environmental management in the context of law and policy.

10. Climate Change: Science and Management (spring)
This module will provide students with an insight into both the science and management of climate change.

11. Biodiversity and Conservation Biology (spring)
This module will introduce students to the science of biodiversity and to the ecological underpinings of species extinction and conservation.


ちなみに、このうち、5.と6.は本来選択できない授業(Environmental Economicsコースの選択科目)なのですが、面白そうだったので担当教官に話をしたところ、すぐにOKが出ました。選択コースは交渉すれば、大概のことが認められそうです。
*The modules of 5. and 6. are basically unavailable for EEEM as being for Environmental Economics: however, I was admitted to take these once talking with my course director - the negotiations are quite important in this country, bringing almost anything we want.

(The Environment Department at York university)
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